Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apostrophe faces extinction

For the longest time (and this would normally lead into a rant about the education system and its switch away from teaching phonics and proper grammar), proper use of the apostrophe has been in decline. Added improperly (the Obama's walked to the park) or missing altogether (my mothers purse), it breaks one's heart to see so many people do not understand this common form of puncuation.

Every time I see a Tim Hortons outlet I wince, thinking the hockey player and partner who founded the doughnut chain might have had a successful business model, but not a good English teacher. (As it is spelled, the name is plural, which would only be used if you were writing about two or more people named Tim Horton).

George Jonas wrote in the National Post recently, in a column headlined "Death of the apostrophe," that "Voila, gentle reader. You're looking at the future. People not knowing where to put things will be the death of many a jolly squiggle."

Check out the story.

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