Friday, January 9, 2009

Yous guys are killing me with you're errors

Thankfully, while many people may say something like "yous guys," either for fun or thinking it is the proper plural of you, that slang/error hasn't seemed to make it into writing with any great regularity.

Mixing up your and you're, however, is another matter. Why can't people get it right? We see it wrong quite often (here are a couple of funny, though extreme, "you're place or mine?" and "you're car is on fire."

Your, a possessive adjective, is a lot different than you're, the contraction of you and are. Let's also mention yore, as in days of yore.

Just like who's and whose, the best way to get it right is to take a moment and sound it out fully before you write it. If you really mean "you are" then by all means use you're.

We won't even get into Net/text/slang like UR or yer.

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