Thursday, December 18, 2008

Full of compliments, missing complements

As far as grammatical errors go, one of the funniest I can recall was in a job ad for a newspaper. One would think that to be among the top two or three places to expect perfect grammar (though I am sure many outside of the business would say they are not surprised at all, given what they've seen in print over the years).

But there it was, for all to see — and probably not noticed by most who read it — a strange request: "Wanted: reporter to compliment three-person newsroom."

I wanted to email them and tell them how great they were.

Right now, as I post this, there are 102 examples, some in prominent papers, where someone got it wrong and others missed it in the correction stage.

compliment: My, you look lovely today.

complement: That color complements your eyes.

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